Justin Bieber Spotted at a Random Diner Near Lancaster, PA

Pop superstar Justin Bieber was reportedly spotted in Pennsylvania at a small mom-and-pop diner to grab some grub on Wednesday according to a Facebook group for the "Little Town of Manheim" in Lancaster County.

A waitress recognized Bieber and snapped a few photos of him at City Star Diner in Manheim and with him and shared them to the social media site on Wednesday.

Bieber was reportedly there with bodyguards who were overheard talking about Rock Lilitz where Bieber is preparing for his upcoming world tour. Rock Lilitz is a massive production studio where many big names go to to rehearse their often complex, highly choreographed and intricate concert productions.

"He came walking in and one of the waitresses was like, 'That's Justin Bieber,' and we're like, 'No it isn't.' And then his body guards came in and then we walked over to him, and yeah, it was him," on of the waitresses Kathy Said says.

"Oh, it was exciting," Said says with a laugh. "I felt so stupid, because I walked over and I said, 'Oh my God, you are so cute. You're a handsome young man.' And he said, 'Well, gee, thank you ma'am.'"

"The Justice World Tour 2022" starts later this month in San Diego and travels the US before heading overseas to Europe during the summer.

Bieber reportedly chowed down on a bacon, egg and cheese croissant. We hope it was "Yummy."

"All these little girls in Manheim are calling the diner and asking if he's still there," Said says. 

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