Russian MMA Conference Unhinges After Fighter Sparta Kicks Dude on Bench

At an MMA event in Russia, things got physical way before any fighters entered the cage.

Two fighters staring each other down at the conference decided to start their match early when one of the dudes takes a swing at the other dude's head. The two then start to square up and try to kick each other before security jumps in to break it up.

But things only escalated from there.

The one dude in the black long-sleeved shirt decides it's not over yet. He gets up from his seat on the bench, runs over to the dude on the other side of the stage and delivers a flying sparta kick to the other dude.

He allegedly said to the kick-delivering dude before, "Let's solve this right here. You think I'm going to take a step back? Never!"

The kick not only knocked the other dude off the bench and a few feet back, but it cleared out the rest of the fighters on the bench too.

Security once again intervenes.

The official fight hasn't yet taken place between these two dudes but I'm sure things will get ugly when it happens.

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