Drive-Thru Worker Encounters Karen and Her Boyfriend During a 17-Hour Shift

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A dude working the drive thru at a fast food restaurant during a 17-hour shift was done with people's attitudes after a couple pulled up to the window and treated him with disrespect.

It's unclear what the series of events are leading up to the start of the video, but the worker is basically telling them that he no longer cares and to get out of the drive thru.

The man responds by calling the dude a "little b***h" which sends him off. The dude responds by calling the man a "bald-headed ass," which triggers him to get out of his vehicle.

A short scuffle between the two breaks out as the bald-headed ass tries to slap the drive-thru worker and more profanities between the two ensue.

The Karen jumps in and tells the dude he's going to lose his job, and he replies by telling her to perform a sexual act on him.

Man, people need to show more kindness and empathy towards each other.

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