Cars Crash Into Same New Jersey Home Two Weekends in a Row

Photo: Wanamassa Fire Department

The new owners of a New Jersey home have not had a good time with it so far. The house was ran into by cars two weekends in a row. And the first accident happened only hours after the owners purchased the home.

On January 15th, a car lost control and drove straight into the home, located in Ocean Township in eastern New Jersey. The car apparently kept going until it ended up in the nearby Deal Lake, says the Wanamassa Fire Company.

The car drove straight through the house, causing extensive damage to it. Thankfully, the occupants of the vehicle were able to get out of the car and only suffered minor injuries, says the Fire Department.

Barely one week later, another car smashed into the house.

On January 23rd at approximately 4:50am, the Wanamassa Fire Department returned to the house, which had board of plywood covering the previous accident, to find another car that had lost control and smashed into the garage area of the house.

Both times, the house was unoccupied because the new owners hadn't had a chance to move in yet.

An online fundraiser on GoFundeMe was created to help the owners pay for the repairs needed to the house. It has collected over $21,000 so far.

The creator of the fundraiser, Brian Wagner, writes, "Friends of ours recently closed on their first house. 10 hours after closing, a random driver plowed through the front door and out the side of the house. Tim and Jenn had to move out of their previous house with plans to move into their new home," before the accident happened.

Unfortunately, the fundraiser had to be updated a week later.

"Like lightning striking twice in the same spot, somehow another driver his the house this morning... Please help if you can!"

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