CBS Los Angeles Unintentionally Airs a Fatal Head-On Motorcycle Crash

A CBS local affiliate in Los Angeles had to cut a live feed of a police pursuit after a suspect on a motorcycle was involved in a fatal collision.

A helicopter was tracking the suspect, who reportedly was riding a stolen motorcycle, at speeds that reached 130 mph in the West Hills area of Los Angeles. Police say they were "tracking" the suspect but say they were not actively pursuing them.

At one point, the rider can be seen standing up on the motorcycle as it sped down Roscoe Boulevard. But moments later, the motorcycle collided with a vehicle making a left turn at an intersection. The driver is briefly seen flying through the air and reportedly died on impact.

"It’s a very sad day here. Just another example of how reckless driving – regardless of who it is – causes death," LAPD Captain Andy Neiman said.

According to police, the series of events were set in motion when undercover officers noticed a suspicious motorcycle and its rider. After running the plates, they discovered the motorcycle was reported as stolen.

Officers attempted to pull over the rider in a parking lot, but he fled on the motorcycle. It soon reached over 100 mph and lost the police cruiser that was following it. However, a police helicopter was able to track it from the sky.

No other information regarding the motorcycle rider was made available to the public.

Two people in the vehicle the motorcycle collided with were injured and taken from the scene in an ambulance. It's currently unknown what their conditions are, but one of the individuals appeared to be conscious and talking when being taken out of the car.

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