West Virginia TV Reporter Gets Hit by a Car During Live Shot

West Virginians catching up on the latest winter weather news got treated to an unexpected moment Wednesday night.

On WSAZ, an NBC affiliate in Huntington, reporter Tori Yorgey was out doing a live report from Dunbar, West Virginia, when a vehicle that appears to be making a turn all of a sudden slams into her, knocking her straight to the ground.

By some miracle, Yorgey seems to take the entire thing in stride and tells the viewers that she just got hit by a car. She tells everyone that she's okay as the driver of the vehicle stops and asks if she is okay.

Yorgey even mentions that she got hit by a car in college and manages to finish her report even though she is a little shaken up by the events that just took place.

Tori later went to a hospital to get checked out. It just so happened to be her last week with WSAZ as she accepted a position with WTAE in Pittsburgh starting in February.

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