Man Returns from Military to Surprise Parents, Catches Them 'In the Act'

A 20-year-old man made an unannounced return home while serving in the military but instead says he is now "permanently scarred."

Joseph Pena was fulfilling his duties in Germany and hadn't seen his parents in two years. He made his way home to Colorado and decided to go to his parents house and pretend he was a burglar in an attempt to scare them and then surprise them.

But it didn't go down very well.

The video clip shows exactly what happened as Joseph creeps to the bedroom door of his parents. He opens the door, expecting to find them both asleep and yells, "This is a robbery!"

But Joseph ends up finding that his parents are in there fully awake and making love.

His mom even commented on what happened:

"My husband and I were talking, which was our code word for sex when the kids were little, and we were in the moment when the door got kicked open. I screamed because I saw my son and of course realized he saw everything exposed. We had no clue that our son Joseph was coming home on his R&R and he told his sister Josephine, the camera lady, that he wanted to surprise us... Our poor son was scarred during his R&R, and spent most of his time with his sister and his girlfriend."

Apparently Joseph didn't see much of his parents during his time back after that.

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