Passenger Recording an Erratic Driver Ends Up Getting in Accident with Them

A passenger of a vehicle whipped out his phone and started recording a driver of a white SUV directly in front of them because she's driving erratically. He can be heard saying he hopes she can get home safely.

Seconds later, the driver of the white SUV starts to take a left turn, completely ignoring the fact there's a black Jeep coming directly down the other side of the road.

The Jeep driver swerves but still hits the white SUV, then careens directly head-on into the vehicle where the passenger is recording.

Thankfully, it seems everyone is okay, at least for the moment.

After the accident, the woman in the white SUV asks why the Jeep pulled out right in front of her although based on the video it seems she was the one not paying attention. Hope everyone ends up okay.

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