Lady Gets Drinks Thrown on Her for Confronting a Flasher at Motocross Event

There was a ton of action taking place on the dirt at the Anaheim 1 Monster Energy AMA Supercross over the weekend. There was also some action happening in the crowd too.

A woman flashes her bare breasts to the crowd multiple times much to the delight of some of the people there to see some dirt bikes go around in circles.

But not everyone was pleased by her display.

One woman who doesn't think it's appropriate for this woman to be showing off where it's possible kids could see it decides to confront her and tell her how trashy she is.

But the people sitting near her in the stands take the side of the flasher. At one point it appears at least two people even throw her drinks at her.

A reddit user u/YesiAMhighrn shared their experience:

We were 20 rows down from this and didn't know what was happening.
I have to say the supercross experience was especially trashy this year. I know we're in SoCal and I'm used to the bros and bro hoes but holy shit were they itching to be free after the last two years.
I haven't been around that many people in a while and it seems the goons were out force.

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