"Birds Aren't Real" Movement Founder Pukes During Live TV Interview

The founder of the satirical "Birds Aren't Real" movement, 23-year-old Peter McIndoe, had an "embarrassing" moment during a live TV interview with WGN-TV in Chicago on Thursday.

Barely a minute into the interview, McIndoe takes a sip from a mug and subsequently "pukes." He then apologizes and says he was nervous before the cameras cut to other footage.

Later, McIndoe posted the video clip on the Birds Aren't Real Twitter account with the caption, "This has without a shred of doubt been the most embarasing morning of my life. I deeply apologize to WGN, and to the millions of bird Truthers I represent and speak for. I will be taking a long hard look at myself to recalibrate and get my strength back to Level. I am so sorry."

In case you weren't aware at this point, the "puke" was jut a prank.

Birds Aren't Real claim that birds are actually drones owned by the government used to spy on ordinary citizens. McIndoe says he started the movement to combat lunacy with lunacy.

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