Vegan Protester Gets an Atomic Wedgie from an Angry Cattle Rancher

A vegan activist disrupted a cattle judging event and became the recipient of an atomic wedgie as a result.

27-year-old Tash Peterson crashed Perth's Royal Show in Australia after leaping over a fence and disrupting the event.

"These beautiful and innocent beings are going to be brutally murdered and shot in the head," she yelled, holding up a sign.

The stunt didn't last very long because one angry cattle rancher came up and forcibly removed her, giving her an atomic wedgie in the process.

Peterson claims she was assaulted in the process and had "bruising all over my body and in my groin region due to the force of lifting me by my pants, which exposed my buttocks and the forceful slamming of my body into the fence."

She claims that the rancher was not charged because it had been deemed that she was trespassing and that he had the right to use force to remove her.

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