90 Day Fiance Star Retires from Selling Farts in Jars After Health Scare

Photo: @stephankamatto

A former star of the reality TV Show 90 Day Fiance landed herself in the hospital as a result of her fart selling business.

31-year-old Stephanie Matto went viral on social media after revealing that she was brining in around $50,000 A WEEK selling her farts in jars to weirdos.

She started selling the bum burps because she "thought it'd be a hilarious publicity move that would get a lot of people's attention."

Matto claims she made over $200,000 in total selling farts, but says she is now retired following a health scare in which she thought she was having either a stroke or a heart attack.

Stephanie was rushed to the hospital with chest pains, but after she was put under a series of tests, doctors told her that the chest pains she was experiencing was the result of her eating too many beans and eggs.

"I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments. I was overdoing it," she said.

Matto says she had bottled as many as 50 jars of toots a week to keep up with the demands and changed her diet to keep up with the orders coming in.

"I remember within one day I had about three protein shakes and a huge bowl of black-bean soup. I could tell that something was not right that evening when I was lying in bed and I could feel a pressure in my stomach moving upward. It was quite hard to breathe, and every time I tried to breathe in, I’d feel a pinching sensation around my heart. And that, of course, made my anxiety escalate. I actually called my friend and asked if they could come over to drive me to the hospital because I thought I was experiencing a heart attack. It was made clear that what I was experiencing wasn’t a stroke or heart attack but very intense gas pains."

"I was advised to change my diet and to take a gas suppressant medication, which has effectively ended my business."

"I think everything happens for a reason, and although my fart-selling days are ending, I am going to save the money I’ve made and will put some into crypto."

We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

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