CNN's New Year's Eve Broadcast Displays Tweets from Ben Dover, Mike Oxlong

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

If you watched any of CNN's New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper, you know that things go off the rails pretty quickly. Cooper and Andy Cohen both indulge in alcohol on-screen pretty frequently and it's a trainwreck that you can't turn away from.

The 2022 edition was no different. Add another classic moment to the long list of flubs.

During the broadcast, CNN put up tweets on the bottom of the screen from people that used CNN's hashtag on Twitter. It seems that whoever was in charge of choosing which tweets appeared on TV wasn't paying too close of attention to the names.

In quick succession at 11:23 PM, we saw tweets from Ben Dover, Mike Oxlong, and others.

It's unknown if the likes of Hugh Jass, Mike Hawk or Dick Hertz also made appearances last night.

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