Scam Call Takes Weird Left Turn When Scammer Tries to Get Randy with Woman

A woman, presumably fed up with the amount of scammers she has trying to call her to steal her information, decides to record her messing around with one of them to waste their time.

But this one takes a left turn.

The woman who lives in Australia is called by someone who claims to be someone from the Australian Tax Office who tells her she is in some legal troubles with her taxes and needs to confirm her personal information. She give him a fake birthday along with a fake name and fake address in Sydney which he "confirms" on his end. Then he gives her an Outlook email address because that sounds like a legit email for someone in a government position.

But then the scammer enters even more personal territory when he asks her if she can start moaning over the phone because stealing her personal information wasn't already enough.

So she plays the sound of some turtles mating but he asks her to do it in a "seggsy" way instead.

The call is over after that.

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