Rookie Cop Grinds on Married Lieutenant at Work Holiday Party

A rookie officer with the NYPD got a little too wild at a work holiday party for her precinct and with one of her superiors.

Video posted to social media shows a woman in a checkered miniskirt and small black top giving the man, reportedly former lieutenant Nick McGarry, a lap dance and grinds on him.

The footage, which was supposedly taken in a bar in Yonkers last Thursday, shows McGarry grabbing the woman by the waist and placing his hands on her thighs during the 30-second video clip.

McGarry has reportedly been with the NYPD since 2010 and is married. He has since been reassigned as a Transit cop.

Another video clip purportedly uploaded the same night shows what appears to be the same woman giving a different man a lap dance.

An unnamed source told the NY Post that McGarry "knows that he f***ed up" and that "messing with your subordinate is a no-no on the job." He also says that the rookie cop "doesn't know any better because she just came on the job. I can't even tell you how many times they tell incoming supervisors that. It sets a bad precedent."

A representative says the NYPD is currently investigating the incident.


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