A Trauma Surgeon Breaks Down Every 'Home Alone' Injury

How bad were Harry and Marv, also known as The Wet Bandits, in the first two Home Alone movies really injured? Wired brought in a trauma surgeon, Annie Onishi to analyze how bad the injuries they sustained in the movies would really be had they happened in real life.

Unsurprisingly, things are not looking too good for them. Although some of the injuries they get, like being shot with a BB gun and having their hair and hands burned, seem to not pose too much of an injury, others are far worse than portrayed on the screen.

Onishi explains that getting tarred and feathered with a 2nd degree burn on the top of Harry's head would require extensive surgery to get all of the bits of feathers out of his skin, and Marv walking on broken glass Christmas ornaments would also require painful surgery.

But, for Home Alone, it seems like Harry and Marv would survive in real life if the movie was real although they could have some permanent damage.

In Home Alone 2, things are taken to the next level. Both Harry and Marv take some nasty falls that most people wouldn't be able to just get back up from very easily. Marv also gets electrocuted pretty badly which would have likely killed him and Harry sticks his head on fire in a toilet filled with gasoline which would have probably killed him too.

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