Wife Catches Husband Kissing Another Woman on Their Own Doorbell Camera

A TikTok trend going on at the moment is to post your most viral video of 2021 and today we have a doozy.

The user, @kaylie271 uploaded a video clip that she claims was taken from the doorbell security camera at her house. It shows what she says is her husband kissing another woman.

She says the video was recorded after her husband told her he was too sick to go on a family trip but it looks like he had other plans already in mind.

After the video was shared to TikTok, other users wanted to know what happened after she found out that he was cheating on her.

"Yes he has been apologizing to me, but I don’t think any apology is ever going to be good enough. I don’t think I can ever be at a point where I can be like, 'It’s okay,' because it wasn’t okay."

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