Package Thief Gets Caught Stealing a Staged Amazon Package Full of Bricks

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A dude, presumably sick of thieves stealing his packages off his front porch, decides to enact a little bit of revenge on the pirates.

So he plants a decoy Amazon package by his front door except it's just a box filled with bricks.

Soon enough, a stranger wanders up to his house, grabs the package and starts to walk off. She probably thinks she's got some expensive electronics or something due to the weight if I had to guess.

The dude exits outside and starts chasing down the woman who then takes off. But her getaway vehicle doesn't seem to want to stop and pick her up.

The dude yells out that he caught her on video and also got the car's license plate, to which she replies "No you don't b***h."

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