Florida Man with Cocaine and Meth Attached to His Penis Says It’s Not His

Photo: Pinellas County Sheriff's Office/Getty Images

A Florida man who was part of a traffic stop and subsequent body search denied that drugs reportedly attached to his body were not his.

Pinellas County police say 34-year-old Patrick Florence was a passenger in a vehicle that was initially pulled over for driving without headlights or taillights at night.

They say the driver of the vehicle was subsequently arrested for DUI. Deputies then searched the vehicle and discovered a firearm under the seat where Florence was reportedly sitting when the vehicle was pulled over.

Florence denied that the firearm was his but informed deputies that he had more than 80 previous felonies. When deputies ran a search, they found that Florence was a convicted felon and as a result, was prohibited from having a firearm or ammunition. He was placed under arrest.

Then, deputies say, during a body search of Florence, they discovered two baggies wrapped around his penis. One reportedly had cocaine in it while the other had crystal meth in it.

Florence claimed the drugs were not his. He was hit with four felonies and was placed in jail.

Source: TampaFP.com

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