Things Almost Turn Deadly When Man Confronts DoorDash Driver For Stealing

A DoorDash customer was incredibly upset and disappointed after placing a $100 Taco Bell order only for it to never be delivered or being given a reason as to what happened with his food.

Instead of dealing with DoorDash to resolve this issue, the customer somehow finds out where the driver who was supposed to pick up his food and deliver it lives. Then he shows up to confront the DoorDash driver to get his food back, assuming that he stole it for himself.

The driver appears to go back inside his house when he shows up and another man starts talking to him, claiming he got into an accident and doesn't know anything about the Taco Bell food.

Suddenly, the driver reappears with a knife and appears to try and attack the man. Little does he know the customer brought a gun with him and when he pulls it out to defend himself, the two guys go scurrying back into the house and slam the door shut.

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