Twerking Bride Strips to Thong and Gives Groom a Lap Dance During Wedding

A video is going viral on Twitter that was taken at a wedding and shows the bride getting down to her thong and giving the groom a lap dance.

The woman, reportedly named Rochelle, is seen wearing a completely backless dress with thong underwear busting out a choreographed routine with the bridesmaids in front of friends and family.

Rochelle is even seen pushing a boy out of the way as she's trotting provocatively around the groom.

She then bends over and puts her butt right in his lap and begins to wiggle as Beyonce plays on the PA system.

Later videos contained in the clip show her shaking her cheeks to the "Twerkulator" song in unison with her bridesmaids.

The Internet is divided over the video with some calling it "trashy" and others saying if they paid the large sum of money it requires to have a wedding like this, they have the right to do it if they want to.

A memorable wedding for sure.

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