Washington Football Fan Destroys Family TV After Losing To Dallas Cowboys

The NFC East showdown between the Washington Football Team and Dallas Cowboys had a little bit of everything: an early supposed blowout by the Cowboys turning into a close game, head-scratching turnovers, injuries, you name it. Perhaps one of the most frustrating games for WFT fans which is saying something.

WFT backup quarterback Kyle Allen had a chance to bring the team back after being down 19 points in the 4th quarter with the ball late in the 4th quarter down by only 7, but fumbled on a sack on turned it over to the Cowboys, effectively ending the game.

One fan at home, who has endured enough as a WFT fan over the last 22 years, finally snapped. While watching the referees determine that Allen had indeed fumbled the ball, dude puts his entire right arm through an ancient family TV.

"Party over."

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