Man, the H Street Walmart Had Some Shxt Go Down This Weekend

H Street Walmart.

Not much else to say if you know what that is.

Even among the legends of Walmart, the H Street one is a legend among legends.

Proof in point: this weekend we had a team of security officers tackling shoplifters and Spider-Man was seen atop the rows of toys shooting web at people.

A few gems from the comments:

"Mannnn online shopping for me…I don’t need to be mixed up in that leg sweep"

"I walked in that Wal Mart once and turned right around and left as soon as the elevator door opened… not about that life."

"My daughter used to work there. The stories she would tell me about what went on in there. A mess"

"We need someone to put the @CopsTV show song on this, the SP is just chilling on him like social distancing doesn’t matter"

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