TLC Is So Wrong for Airing This on '1000-lb Sisters'

TLC is known for its, how should I put it, exploitative reality shows?

One of their shows, '1000-lb Sisters' follows two siblings who, as I'm sure you can guess, weigh around a combined 1,000 lbs and is centered around their struggles with life.

In one mind-boggling scene, Amy tries to address a moment that she became infamous for when she shared a video on YouTube and people were making fun of her because a cockroach can be seen scurrying around in the background.

"I try so hard not to show them in my videos and stuff and then y'all see them, and it's just hard," she says, crying in front of a TLC camera.

But then, another cockroach can be seen zipping up a wall behind her. It seems like the camera operator even focuses on it for a second before going back to Amy.

Some people are saying it was done on purpose by TLC and I wouldn't argue with them. But even Amy's husband points out that bugs are a problem in everyone's home in the same episode.

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