Real Estate Convention at Harrah's Atlantic City Turns Into Royal Rumble

At what was reportedly a real estate convention taking place at Harrah's casino in Atlantic City, NJ, chaos erupted.

A mass brawl breaks out between what appears to be at least 15-20 people. The fight reportedly took place on Tuesday, which was "a big party night where title insurance companies and mortgage brokers all [had] various parties throughout the city."

One person can be seen swinging a wood chair at people but then a few others gang up on him.

A commenter on reddit also added the following account of what happened:

I saw the first punch 5 feet from me and when they chased the guy around the corner. It was mortgage reps and everyone was horrified. There were non Jersey people there too, it was a tri state area thing. None of those in the fight were agents though. It was definitely a disaster and a second fight broke out after they broke it up. Probably the biggest one I’ve witnessed in person. It was around 2am, we were in line for cookies.

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