Russian School Teacher Fired After Posting Striptease Video That Went Viral

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Content

A 23-year-old school teacher in Russia was reportedly fired from her job after students and their parents discovered a racy video she posted to social media.

The teacher, Viktoria Kashirina, posted an "erotic" video on her Instagram account showing her coming home, taking her clothes off and making "provocative" poses.

The trouble started when a mother of one of Kashirina's students complained to her, saying (translated), "Please do not post such explicit videos, or close you account. My daughter watches this and you are clearly gaining kudos - but not as a teacher."

Viktoria reportedly responded by telling the mother that she would block the student's account from seeing hers, and that she should keep a closer eye on her daughter's browsing habits.

Kashirina told a Russian news outlet she didn't think she had done anything wrong and said, "I have been pole dancing for several years and dreamed of making a video for a long time."

Not long after, Viktoria was informed that she had been fired for the controversy surrounding the video. But some sources say as of now, she still appears to be teaching. She says she vows to go to court if the announcement of her firing is confirmed, saying there was nothing laid out when she got the job that there were any social media restrictions.


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