New Florida Store "Big Dick's Salty Seaman" Causes Outrage in Community

A new store opened up recently in Fort Myers Beach, Florida and is getting a lot of attention, but not all of it is for the right reason.

"It's Big Dick's Salty Seaman's Fun Shop and kind of a capital on the fun because everything in here will make you laugh," says store manager Brian Dorrell.

But not everyone is having fun with the name of the store and big sign out front.

The store name seems to have offended some people because it was brought up in a town council meeting on Monday. But Dorrell says the name is not just a gag and has a history behind it.

"The company started as Big Dick's Halfway Inn and the Lake of the Ozarks," he says. In Missouri, a truck driver named Dick, who was known for his large stature, started the business with a restaurant followed by a gift shop.

"Then Big Dick retired to Florida and became the Salty Seaman," Dorrell added.

The owners are now profiting off the Big Dick's brand and selling shirts and items that might be a little offbeat.

Councilman Dan Allers brought up the name during the meeting, saying the name isn't "family friendly, let's just put it that way." He wants the town's attorney to see what they can do about the large sign with the name emblazoned on it.

In the meantime, Big Dick's Salty Seaman's Fun Shop will keep on truckin'.


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