Florida Man Arrested After Shooting Flamethrower at Children Over Parking

A Florida Man was arrested after he allegedly used a flamethrower on his neighbors following a parking dispute.

According to the Alachua Chronicle, 57-year-old Andre Adams was upset over ongoing parking problems in his neighborhood.

An arrest report says that Adams armed himself with the flamethrower, came out of his home and began spraying towards a vehicle that had occupants including three juveniles.

Adams reportedly was equipped with an XM42 Lite, which is capable of shooting flames about 20 feet.

Witnesses claim the fire came within about 5 feet from the car and the occupants feared for their lives.

After being arrested, Adams reportedly admitted to shooting the flamethrower but claimed he was not targeting the juveniles. He added that if he really wanted to catch the car on fire he would have done it.

According to the arrest report, this was not the first time Adams has been seen using the flamethrower in his neighborhood.

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