Customer Slaps Manager in the Face After Her Payment Was Declined

Police are seeking an individual after surveillance camera footage capture the moment she violently slapped a restaurant manager after her payment was declined and fled.

The customer was coming to pick up a carryout order at Kai's Crab Boil in Columbus, Ohio and when she used her card to pay, she the manager, Courtney Hickey, says she didn't leave the card inside the processing device long enough for it to read the chip. She tried to explain to the customer that the payment didn't go through but the customer got incredibly frustrated.

"After I tried to explain all of that, she kinda just hit me," Hickey said. "Definitely was surprised when it happened, but yeah, I wasn’t expecting it."

Video footage shows the woman violently hitting Hickey in the face with an open hand, knocking her glasses off and then immediately leaving the restaurant.

"It was just more surprising because it just came out of nowhere," she said. "I didn’t have any marks and no serious damage or anything."

The restaurant posted the video clip to social media in hopes someone would identify the individual. A police report was also filed with Columbus Police, who are also looking to find the customer.

"We try to always treat our customers and our employees like family, and we just ask that everybody do the same in return," says co-owner Tiffany Cho. "And, if you go out there to eat, just that extra smile or something, you know, you never know what’s going on in people’s lives, that extra smile or that extra thank-you, it may go a long way to brighten someone’s day."


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