Crackhead Harasses Family with Young Child, Gets Tasered for His Troubles

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A crackhead in the U.K. is recorded on video harassing a family that has a young child and gets tasered for his troubles.

The shirtless man keeps threatening a man and his wife through a hinged window on a door. The non-crackhead dud is on the phone with the police and telling them to hurry up and help them the whole time the other dude is yelling at him.

After what seems like ages, a pair of police officers show up and tell the dude to give himself up and get down on the ground. In typical crackhead fashion, he ignores them and is instead greeted with a taser shot and down goes Frasier.

The two officers then get him to face down and start to try and handcuff him but in typical crackhead fashion he wiggles his way out, leaps over a wall and takes off.

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