"America's Got Talent" Star Jay Jay Phillips Dead at 30

Jay Jay Phillips, star of the hit TV show America's Got Talent, has died after a battle with COVID-19, says TMZ.

Phillips garnered attention with his big hair and 80s throwback looks as a rocker with the piano.

He battled COVID over Thanksgiving, having taken a turn for the worse just before the holiday. His family say they urged him to check into the hospital, but he reportedly responded by saying he just needed more sleep. That was the last time they heard from him.

TMZ says Phillips' mother and girlfriend went to check on him on Thanksgiving and that's when they found that he had died.

Phillips' father, who Jay Jay lived with, is currently in the hospital with a severe case of COVID and is on a ventilator.

Jay Jay first appeared on America's Got Talent in Season 4 but he was eliminated early. He returned in Season 12 and made it further this time, but was eliminated again before the quarterfinals.

He was only 30 years old.

Source: TMZ

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