Woman Accidentally Shoots Herself in the Vagina During Cam Show Gone Wrong

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A 27-year-old woman is recovering after accidentally shooting herself in the vagina during an online cam session for her followers.

A police report says that a paramedic responding to a 911 call in Thomaston, Georgia in the morning hours of November 9th told an officer that "The female had shot herself in the vagina accidentally."

Interviews with witnesses revealed that a woman was responsible for shooting the 9mm handgun while in a bedroom by herself.

Lauren Daman told the EMS responding to the scene that she had shot herself in the genitals and handed her the weapon and a spent bullet casing.

Jordan Allen, the alleged owner of the gun, told officers he was "in the kitchen walking back to the bedroom when he heard the gun go off." He then went to the bedroom where he heard the sound and discovered Daman who told him "that she shot herself accidentally" and that she was sorry.

Allen also told officers that "Daman has ‘subscribers’ on a sexual web platform called ‘Chatter’ where people pay to see her make sexual videos." He said he thinks that Daman was "recording" a session "when the gun went off."

"Chatter" apparently is short for the website Chaturbate, an adult site where viewers can pay tips to webcam models.

A police officer took Daman to the Sheriff's Office and from there she was transported to a hospital via helicopter.

Daman has since been released from the hospital. As of the time of this writing, no charges have been filed due to the incident.

Source: NYPost.com

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