Florida Woman Allegedly Walks Into Home, Undresses, Hugs and Sits on People

Photo: Citrus County Sheriff's Office

A 35-year old Florida woman is accused of entering a home without permission, undressing, giving people hugs and sitting on their laps.

Police say on Sunday, Heather Cruz entered the house in Citrus County through a side door. Once inside, she allegedly took off all of her clothes and exposed her genitalia then grabbed and hugged the homeowner.

Cruz was told to stop, but she then sat on the laps of two other residents of the house and reportedly said "you like it" to one of the victims.

Police say that two people then tried to forcefully remove Cruz from the house but in the process she grabbed one man's testicles and made multiple lewd comments.

Police arrived and told her to put on a shirt but Cruz reportedly resisted the officers. She was subsequently placed in handcuffs and escorted to a patrol car. In the process, Cruz allegedly kicked one officer in the chest when they tried to close the door on her.

Backup arrived and Cruz was moved to a different squad car and she is being accused of kicking a second officer in the chest.

Cruz is charged with three counts of battery on persons 65 years or older, two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, and one count of resisting an officer with violence, burglary with battery, exposure of sexual organs and battery.

She is currently being held on a $48,000 bond.

Source: WBTW

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