Walmart Pulls Children's Toy That Swears, Sings in Polish About Doing Crack

A grandmother in Canada was shocked when a toy that she bought for her granddaughter started singing some very questionable lyrics for a small child.

Ania Tanner told a news outlet in Ontario that she bought the singing cactus toy from Walmart's website that was sold as an "educational" toy for about $26. The toy apparently sings different songs in English, Spanish and Polish.

But when Tanner heard the toy singing in Polish, something was terribly wrong with it.

"This toy uses swear words and talking about cocaine use. This is not what I ordered for my granddaughter," she told CTV News Toronto.

She says the toy was singing about using cocaine, drug abuse, depression and suicide, and used multiple profanities.

"It just so happens that I am Polish and when I started to listen to the songs and I heard the words," she said. "I was in shock. I thought what is this some kind of joke?"

The song that the cactus sings is apparently called "Gdzie jest biały węgorz?" by Cypis, a Polish rapper. He had no idea his song was being used and is planning to take legal action against the manufacturer after other complains were made from other purchasers of the toy from Europe.

"It's about taking five grams of cocaine and being alone … It's a very depressing song," says Tanner.

Walmart says they received the complaint and are removing it from their website.

"These items are sold by a third-party seller on our marketplace website. We are removing the items while we look into this complaint further," Walmart told CTV.


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