Weird Al Confirms He Is Not Parodying Kid Rock in New Kid Rock Music Video

So our old friend Kid Rock has just released a new music video for his version of "Don't Tell Me How to Live" and the reaction has been... mixed to say the least. While some are praising it for sounding like the Kid Rock of the 90s (which I guess is a compliment), others have not been so kind.

A popular reddit post says the song's lyrics are just "cut and paste Facebook commentary." A reply to that post says "He waited until YouTube removed the dislike button to post this."

"'I've never been the smartest,' thanks for clearing that up Kid."

"This is what I would write if I were trying to make fun of Kid Rock."

Apparently since the song seems to be basically Kid Rock trolling himself and his fanbase, "Weird Al" Yankovic even had to put out a statement to deny he had anything to do with the song.

"To everybody that's congratulating me right now on my new Kid Rock parody video, let me clarify - that's not me. That's actually Kid Rock," Al said in a tweet.

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