Kidnapping and Rape Suspect Tries to Jump Off 6th Floor, Bounces Off Glass

A police department in Ohio is reportedly investigating a kidnapping, rape and assault that took place at a hotel in the city of Blue Ash.

Officers were called to the hotel on Sunday after a 911 call from the front desk attendant was made. "She stated she noticed a male and female and that the female looked unwell. She stated she was discreetly able to ask the female if she was okay and the female used body language to indicate that something was wrong," the police said in a statement.

When police arrived to the hotel and knocked on the door where the two were apparently staying, they say 20-year-old Onjre Damon George opened the door. When officers were questioning him, he suddenly ran towards the sixth-floor window in an apparent attempt to jump through it. Instead, he bounces off the glass then gives himself up.

An investigation reportedly revealed that George had victimized the woman on Sunday morning and refused to let her leave the hotel. George allegedly struck the woman several times, injuring her head and body. The investigation says that he also stopped her from using her cellphone and unplugged the hotel room phone.

Goerge is also being accused of choking the woman until she passed out. When she regained consciousness, she was allowed to leave the hotel room, but George stayed close to her side. That's when police say she signaled to the front desk attendant. The two reportedly knew each other and were once in a relationship.

George is charged with forcible rape, kidnap to engage in sexual activity and assault.


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