Karen Causes Chaos at Drive-Thru, Throws Hot Coffee in Woman's Face

A "Karen" caused complete chaos at a drive-thru in Toronto, Canada.

First, she apparently started yelling at the workers through the drive-thru window because of a long wait.

Then, she stood in front of a car and blocked it from getting to the drive-thru window after it honked its horn at her.

Finally, a woman gets out her car to confront the Karen but then she throws her paper bag at her and follows it up by throwing a hot coffee in her face.

She tries to get away but some dude comes up and restrains her. After some more commotion, she finally leaves the restaurant. With no food for herself and ruining a bunch of other people's day because of her entitlement.

It's not always the easiest thing to do but can we all show a little more patience and kindness with each other?

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