Man Threatens TSA Agent's Life, Throws Checkpoint Stanchion, Strips Naked

Photo: Hennepin County Attorney’s Office

A Minneapolis man was arrested and charged after he allegedly threatened a TSA worker's life in a bizarre incident that supposedly took place last week.

44-year-old Frank Towers allegedly threatened TSA agents at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Friday, telling them he "did not have to stop" because "it's a free country." The charges filed against him say that he also swung a stanchion line post and then threw it at TSA agents, took his clothes off and began masturbating.

Towers also allegedly told a TSA agent that he was going to "kill" them. He was instructed to stop and move away from the checkpoint, which he reportedly ignored.

Surveillance video allegedly shows Towers punching and headbutting TV screens at the airport, taking his clothes off, and masturbating. This all took place about an hour before the incident at the security gate, the report says.

He has been charged with fourth-degree assault against a peace officer, making threats of violence with reckless disregard for risk. Both charges are felonies. Towers also reportedly has at least three charges in other criminal cases pending involving domestic assault.

We hope he can get the help and resources he needs.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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