Woman's Date Accidentally Texts Her Instead of Friend, Calls Her a "C***"

A stupid mistake on a man's part cost him a chance at meeting a woman for a first date. On her way to a first date, he sent her a couple of text messages, thinking that he was texting one of his friends but sent them to the woman instead.

@mollyhair on TikTok posted two videos showing what happened and the aftermath. The text message that was supposedly meant for his friend read, "waiting on this c*** I took a pinch for confidence 😅"

It seems he immediately realized his blunder and followed with another text that said, "Omg I was joking with a buddy I'm just going to leave 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️"

Molly responded, "What" Am I the c***?"

He tried to downplay what he said, saying he "doesn't really think that" about her and that he was "joking."

She replied: "Yeah, to be honest I’m not really comfortable meeting anymore. I just don’t really feel like it’s okay to call women that even as a joke, and I kind of see it as a red flag. Sorry!"

Molly shows more texts after that as he kept trying to apologize and somehow work it out. She tried to be nice but eventually began ignoring him.

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