A Brothel Is Offering Free 30-min "Sessions" If They Get Vaccinated On-Site

A brothel in Austria is providing a service outside of their normal specialty. Every Monday from 4 pm to 10 pm until the end of November, you can show up to the Fun Palast in Vienna to get a COVID-19 vaccine. But there's a bonus if you get the shot there.

Not only will you be vaccinated against coronavirus, adults will also get a complimentary a "free 30-minute session" in the "VIP club with the lady of their choice."

"We are very popular," says Christoph Lielacher, director of Fun Palast.

A new government mandate in Austria amid rising cases barred unvaccinated individuals from restaurants and other indoor areas and Lielacher says it caused a 50% dip in the number of clients. Hence the on-site offering of shots.

"Many men, very many men with a migration background, virtually refuse vaccination or don’t even know that you can be vaccinated," lamented Fun Palast manager Peter Laskaris. "And since we are actually reaching this target group, we decided to set up a vaccination street here."

Now, they say business is booming.

"Since the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) has been in place, there has been a real rush to get vaccinated," said Laskaris. "We have had a lot of people come in today to get vaccinated."

Lielacher says he hopes his business idea contributes to getting the country vaccinated. According to one report, only about 63% of Austrians have gotten a shot.

Source: NYPost.com

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