Florida Man Beats Up Cellmate for Farting and No Courtesy Flushes

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An inmate attacked his cellmate in a Florida Keys jail after being fed up with the man's behavior. Christopher James Callen, jailed for failing to register as a sex offender, attacked his 57-year-old cellmate so badly that he knocked out two of the man's teeth and broke one of his ribs, says the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Callen's outburst was caused because his cellmate "passes gas too often and doesn't give any courtesy flushes when using the toilet," the sheriff's office said in a press release.

The victim of the attack was not named in the report. He was transported to the Lower Keys Medical Center to treat the injuries he sustained at the hand of Callen.

Callen was reportedly arrested on September 13th according to Monroe County Clerk court records. He is listed in a sexual offender database after being convicted in 2021 of a felony in Colorado.

Source: flykeysnews.com

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