Missing Teen Girl Rescued from Kidnapper After Using TikTok Hand Gesture

A 16-year-old girl who was reported missing was reportedly rescued from her kidnapper thanks to a hand signal she learned on TikTok.

The driver of the vehicle the girl was in was arrested and charged with unlawful imprisonment and possession of material showing sexual performance by a minor, says WYFF.

Deputy Gilbert Acciardo, spokesperson for the Laurel County Sheriff's Office in Kentucky, says the girl and the driver were acquaintances. She voluntarily got inside his vehicle, but at some point she began to feel uncomfortable and got scared.

The sheriff's office says that the girl was reported missing on Tuesday from their home in Asheville, North Carolina. On Thursday, a driver called 911 after seeing a young woman making a hand gesture from inside a vehicle traveling on I-75 in Kentucky. The witness recalled the hand gesture from a TikTok video that is used to communicate domestic violence.

The witness then followed the vehicle and stayed on the phone to provide updates until responding law enforcement pulled over the driver with the teenager and arrested the man.

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