Lorde Just Released Two New Bonus Songs From 'Solar Power' Last Week

Lorde just digitally released two new songs from her latest album, Solar Power, last week.

"Hold No Grudge" has to be my favorite of the two songs. There's definitely this 90's, smooth jazz, Sade vibe going on that I love!

Pitchfork shared the following:

Of “Helen of Troy” she added: “We wrote it super quickly in the tiniest room at Westlake where we did a bunch of Melo and it was fun the whole time. It’s super off the cuff lyrically, almost ad-libbed, and you can hear me starting to figure out some album themes.…”

Speaking about “Hold No Grudge” she said, “HNG is a sort of composite portrait of when relationships turn sour, being trapped in the ice but remembering the warmth.” 


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