Streamer Watches Life Savings Evaporate When 'Squid Game' Drops 99.99%

There's a new cryptocurrency that seems to be all the rage at the moment and it's named after the equally popular Netflix series "Squid Game."

The Squid Game Token only launched last week and it has had a meteoric rise and fall since. Initially, each token was worth about one cent but steadily rose to the $500 mark in the early AM hours of November 1st. Suddenly at around 5:35 AM, the price surged to a unfathomable $2,861 or 28,609,900% increase over its original price.

But just as quickly as it rose, the crypto crashed back down to $0.0008 in a matter of seconds.

A streamer who appears to have been heavily invested in the token watches his life savings evaporate in real time. Yikes.

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