Man with "World's Largest Penis" Stopped by Airport Security for Package

A man who says he has the "world's biggest penis" says he was stopped by airport security over his suspicious package.

Jonah Falcon has appeared on a number of TV shows due to his claim and has held the title ever since appearing on the 1990 HBO documentary "Private Dicks: Men Exposed." In it, he says his penis is 13.5 inches long when erect.

On a recent podcast, Jonah described his member and how it has impacted his daily life. "Without using a ruler, I just call it, 'longer than my forearm, thicker than my wrist.' There might be someone out there who is legitimately bigger, but who has never decided to whip it out for anybody."

He goes on to tell the story about the time he was stopped by airport security after they became suspicious after he went through a body scanner.

"They thought I had something in my pants, I don't know if it was a gun, maybe they thought it was dynamite or something, just an unusual bulge. This was the beginning of those new scanners that basically show you naked in an outline. I had my [penis] down the side of my leg, half-way to my knee, and they took me out of line and had me powder my fingers - I think that detects if I have any bomb stuff."

"They never actually patted me down or grabbed it, it was just me calmly explaining. It was funny at the time, I was never worried about anything. What was the worst that was going to happen? They were going to make me pull it out? I've done that about a billion times for people."


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