Laundrie Lawyer: 'The Probability Is Strong That it Is Brian's Remains'

The attorney for the Laundrie family said out loud what are the thoughts of many people after yesterday's developments in the saga of the case of Gabby Petito. After partial human remains were found in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park along with some items believed to have been Brian Laundrie's, Steven Bertolino spoke with Chris Cuomo on CNN Wednesday evening.

"The probability is strong that it is Brian's remains, but we're going to wait for the forensic results to come in and verify that," Bertolino told Cuomo over the phone.

The remains were found on Wednesday near a backpack and notebook that apparently belong to Laundrie. Numerous law enforcement vehicles and a medical examiner were sent to the Park after the initial discoveries were reportedly made by Laundrie's parents and law enforcement.

The location where the items and remains were discovered were apparently in an area of the park that was previously submerged in water. It was also not far from where Laundrie's Ford Mustang car was found. In total, the location of the discovery was only about four miles from the Laundrie home in North Port, Florida.

"This is the very area of the park that we initially informed law enforcement on, I believe it was September 17, that Brian would be most likely in the preserve in this particular area," the Bertolino also said to Cuomo. "It was quite near the entrance. About 30 minutes in."

"Mr. Laundrie informed me that it was quite near the entrance," Bertolino said. "He didn't put an exact distance on it. He put a time frame of about 30 minutes in. But I would guess it could be a mile or two into the preserve."

Although Brian Laundrie has only been named a person of interest in the case of his missing, and later found murdered, fiance Gabby Petito, rampart speculation has surrounded the story.

Laundrie's parents have been widely accused as having some sort of wrongdoing due to their lack of communication surrounding the whole situation, but Bertolino says that that's the legal advice he gave them.

"They know it's been hard. But ultimately, you know, this is the advice I gave them. This is the advice they're taking, and that's on me," he said. "I'm the one who told them not to talk. That's been on me from day one. That's not on the family."

It's unclear how long it will take to identify the partial remains that were found.

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