Genius Rides His Bicycle Right Into Flooded Road During Live News Broadcast

I may not be the smartest person in the world, hence why I'm writing clickbait stories for a radio station, but there are things that I know that can get you in trouble real quick.

One of those things being to never underestimate the depth and power of water. Especially during a flood.

This dude was captured on a local TV news station in San Antonio who has clearly never seen what can happen to things in a flood. Actually I take that back because right in front of him is a minivan that got stuck in the water and an SUV that got swept into some barriers and is partially overturned.

Regardless, he rides his tank of a bicycle straight into the rushing waters like he's going to casually pedal across to the other side on a Huffy.

Then his four brain cells regroup and realize he's making a bad decision and his bike gets pulled from under him and swept into the nether.

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