Tuesday Is No Longer The Best Time To Find Affordable Flights

Experts say have found the new day to find the cheapest airfare, and the trick is to buy your ticket at least 21 days out

Tuesday mornings used to be the day to find the best deals on flights, but apparently it's now SUNDAY and you should buy that ticket on a Sunday at least 21 days from your planned departure

Expedia just released its annual "travel hack" report. And they've got some pretty specific advice on how to save money on flights: The best day to book is on a Sunday, at least 21 days before you want to fly.

Rates start going up around three weeks before a flight. So they say the ideal time to book is four to five weeks in advance. And you can save an average of 5% on domestic flights . . . or 10% on international . . . if you buy your tickets on a Sunday.

They also looked at the best days to fly. In general, you'll pay less if you fly later in the week, meaning Wednesday through Saturday. They claim trips that begin on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday tend to be the most expensive. And January is the cheapest month to fly in the U.S., while June is the most expensive.

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