Pornhub Just Released Updated Map of Most Popular Search in Each State

Pornhub just (allegedly) released an updated map of the United States showing what "the most common search terms by state" are and it raises many questions.

Right off the bat, you see things that you'd expect to see being searched for like "lesbian," "MILF," "and "threesome."

But as you look closer you will begin to find some peculiar states.

For example:

  • Michigan: Racist
  • Florida: Boats
  • Colorado: Droopy Balls
  • Oklahoma: Goth Hospital
  • Tennessee: Kevin James

I have so many questions. Okay boats for Florida is a little odd but plausible. But what is a goth hospital????

And what did Kevin James do to get on this list... or did a bunch of people think they were typing his name into Netflix?

(Yes, I know this is fake but if you didn't laugh then I am truly sorry.)

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