Two Waffle House Employees Start Food Fight After Heated Argument

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Two Waffle House employees were caught on film starting a food fight with each other after an argument between the two escalated physically.

The woman wearing the apron seems to be frustrated that the woman wearing the hoodie went out to take a smoke break even though the restaurant was busy with customers.

She also accuses the hoodie-wearing woman of stealing money out of the cash register. Even other customers seem to have a problem with her.

Eventually, the woman wearing the apron loses her cool and chucks a plate of food at her. Then an all-out food fight starts with people's plates going everywhere.

A man also working behind the counter tries to break it up by getting in between the two of them, but apron lady manages to bang hoodie lady over the head with a plastic bucket.

It's gonna be a while before your meal is served, folks.

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